My Place Awards

The My Place Awards celebrate community-led built environment initiatives that have transformed their locality.  The Awards honour projects that have excelled in terms of design and community involvement/impact.
Winners of the My Place Awards benefit from the opportunity to develop a national profile and evidence impact to potential and existing funders, as well as be featured in a public exhibition.
Submissions for the My Place Awards 2020 are now closed. You can view the shortlisted projects here. You can also view a leaflet with details about all of the project entries here!
Winners will be honoured at a ceremony and exhibition, hopefully to be held in September 2020. Further details about venue and dates will be forthcoming. Sign up to the Scottish Civic Trust e-bulletin, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be kept up to date about the My Place Awards 2020 and our other exciting projects! 


What are the My Place Awards

Purpose: The My Place Awards celebrate community-led built environment initiatives that have transformed their locality. Successful nominations demonstrate both inspiring community involvement/impact and innovative design.

Judging Criteria: The winning project(s) will score highly in all of the following ways:

Community Involvement, Benefit and Impact

  • The community will have been involved in the design of the project from the start of the process right the way through to practical completion in a demonstrable way
  • The project exceeds the stated vision and needs of the community – for example, by providing educational resources, cultural experiences, health and wellbeing support, inclusive design, etc
  • The project has had a demonstrable positive impact on the community – for example, increased numbers of people involved in or using the project space, user satisfaction surveys, social media support

Build Design and Quality

  • The project will be appropriate for its locality in terms of scale and massing, finish and functionality
  • The project will have solved the needs of the community
  • The project will successfully address the Climate Crisis through the sustainable elements of its design

Preservation or Enhancement of the Local Built Environment

  • The project will take cognisance of its surroundings in an appropriate way – either reflecting sensitively on its surroundings or providing an informed contrast

Achievements of the Project

  • The project successfully overcame the challenges of the build programme without compromising the central vision of the community – for example, budgetary restrictions, unforeseen site issues, community governance changes
Why enter the My Place Awards
  • As a national award, the My Place Awards provide the opportunity for local community projects to develop a national profile and evidence impact to potential and existing funders
  • Shortlisted entries will feature in a My Place exhibition the My Place 2019 exhibition at The Lighthouse (Glasgow) hosted over 12.3k visitors and built environment stakeholders
  • Award winners will have a short film commissioned about their project. The films produced for My Place 2019 reached over 16.6k people on Facebook
  • Award winners will receive PR support from the Scottish Civic Trust and the chance to be featured in online and print content by our media partners. The My Place 2019 award ceremony received 17.8k impressions on Twitter
Who can enter the My Place Awards

Only projects / buildings in Scotland will be eligible for the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards.

Submissions will be considered for projects completed between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2019 that fit into one of the following criteria:

A New buildings

B Historic buildings or monuments that have been reused or refurbished

C Designed public realm schemes such as streetworks, parks, etc.

D Designed landscapes e.g. gardens or public green spaces

For the purposes of the competition, the word ‘project’ thus includes any structure whether new, restored, rehabilitated, refurbished, converted or conserved or any significant public realm project such as a streetscape works, new or restored parks, etc.

Examples of past winners and nominated projects and people can be found here.

How to enter the My Place Awards

Volunteer-led community groups responsible for a transformative, regenerative project can directly enter using our submission form. Volunteer led-community groups include, but are not limited to:

  • civic societies and other local groups affiliated to the Scottish Civic Trust
  • community councils or building preservation
  • development trusts
  • other community-based voluntary groups, charities or heritage societies

We encourage members of the public to get in touch with us on social media, email or by calling us at 0141 221 1466 to suggest built environment projects that have made a difference in their town. We will then contact the projects about submitting a nomination.

Use of Information

Data supplied by submissions, including images, plans, drawings and narrative text submitted in support of the My Place Awards will only be used for assessing, awarding and promoting the My Place Awards. Personal contact information will not be disclosed to other parties.

Data will be held by the Scottish Civic Trust in perpetuity to maintain a record of entries.

Judging Panel and Process

The judging panel will be appointed and managed by the Scottish Civic Trust and will include Scottish Civic Trust representatives. Panel members will have knowledge of and interest in Scotland’s buildings, places and spaces. The panel chairperson will be nominated by the Scottish Civic Trust.

After an initial review of submissions, shortlisted entries will be visited by at least one member of the judging panel. During these visits, judges will want to speak with a member of the community group responsible for the project.

Judges will then meet to discuss visits and make awards decisions, which will be final. At the joint discretion of the Scottish Civic Trust and the judging panel, there may be a number of commended entries. In the event of the judges being unable to determine a single winner, it will be left to their discretion to offer a joint award. There will be an exhibition, ceremony and reception held to celebrate the award winners. The judges will publish their citations for the winners and commended entries.