2018 WW1 Centenary


Completion Date:


Building owner/client:

Eastriggs Dornock and Creca Memorial Garden at the Green Eastriggs

Architect or lead designer:

Alexander McKay (Chair EEDC_CC supported by the whole Committee)

Local Authority Area:

Dumfries & Galloway

Nominating Body:

Eastriggs Dornock and Creca Community Group

Project Description

To commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the end of WW1 the Eastriggs Dornock and Creca Community Council [EDC_CC] held meetings with the community to stage an event, as the village of Eastriggs was built to serve the munitions factories/personnel during the Great War. EDC_CC designed an outline monument (made from local sandstone) to be sited in the village green so that it could be placed inline from the Dornock Parish War Memorial to the #1 Flagpole sited on the Green. As well as the Monument, EDC_CC placed a silhouette of a modern UK soldier in 2018 NATA uniform paying homage to the monument.
Additionally, EDC_CC sourced a Stainless Steel container which holds items from 2018 as a time capsule; this item was buried between the 3 flagpoles in the Village Green by the young people of the Village.
The burial of the time capsule and unveiling of the Monument was broadcast by Border Television during the weekend of 10/11 November 2018.

Supporting Statement

We believe there were few memorials raised within the UK for Centenary of the end of WW1, and this item will last to remind future generations of the sacrifice given by all UK military and civilian personnel in past and future conflict.