Barholm Community Enterprise Centre


Completion Date:


Building owner/client:

Barholm Enterprise Centre. Creetown Initiative

Architect or lead designer:

Gordon Fleming ARPL

Local Authority Area:

Dumfries & Galloway

Nominating Body:

Creetown Initiative (charity)

Project Description

A derelict building in a conservation area was having a negative impact on the whole village. Near to collapse with trees growing out from walls this imposing building was in danger of being lost forever when the local community charity stepped in to save it. After years of planning, consultation and fund raising, the building opened in August 2018. Beautifully restored to its original state the building now houses an arts and craft cooperative, a cycle hire and repair shop, charity shop, electric car hire and charge point and a 30 bed budget accommodation block. The accommodation attracts visitors from all over the world and the site supports 4 FTEs and 7 arts and craft makers. The charity shop supports 5 local groups whilst also acting as a recycling project. The project supports local jobs and the local economy whilst restoring a much loved building. Built as a Coaching Inn in the late 1800s the building is part of the social and economic history of this small rural village, Creetown.

Supporting Statement

This is a relatively small project, the budget being £500k to restore the building. However the impact of the restoration has been significant. Undoubtedly without public funding support it would not have been viable as a private venture and would have simply fallen into ruin. This would have had a negative impact on the village as the building sits on the main through road and is highly visible. It would have impacted on the surrounding properties, especially the Heritage Museum and would have impacted on the tourist market which the community and local businesses rely on. A community led project the restored building is a source of pride whilst providing employment and helping attract visitors. In August 2018 the occupancy levels were over 80% and since opening over 3000 bed nights have been sold. 3000 people we would not have seen. Beautifully restored the site has lifted the whole village and inspired others to start smartening up their own properties.