Dunfermline Public Park


Building owner/client:

Fife Council

Architect or lead designer:

Park Improvement Group

Local Authority Area:


Nominating Body:

Central Dunfermline Community Council

Project Description

In 2012, our public park looked very sad and desolate and badly in need of refurbishment and maintenance. Dunfermline Community Council formed the Park Improvement group with Fife Council, who applied for lottery funding for a consultation report delivered by Greenspace Scotland. Using this report as a baseline, a number of works were considered, and a project plan drafted to deliver improvements via a spread of resources and funding. The objective was/is to transform the park into an attractive, high quality greenspace that is enjoyed by all. There were many areas to address, not least that not many even knew that the park existed, and confused it with Dunfermline’s better known Pittencrieff Park (aka The Glen). The Greenspace report was split into work packages and categorised into short, medium and long term deliverables. To maximise what was achievable, this was further split across potential funders such as heritage, environmental, art, and best fit found for the remaining ideas. Part of the initial consultation was to run an “event” in the park as a public engagement on what was being done. We promoted the park and its greenspace with a range of outdoor activities and sports, and the event had about 2000 visitors. From the initial project plan we now have “Fresh Air Festival 2015” in its third year as an offshoot of the project and crowd estimates stand at around 5000. At the event this year we want to highlight the improvements to the park and the work of the volunteers and park group as well as a great day in our important greenspace. The park now has a branding and identity all of its own. The old street names have been restored to the paths and the history of the park researched and promoted with new signage, some of it designed by our primary school children To date the following works have been delivered /underway to the park and woodland : Bandstand refurbished, Drainage cleared, Skatepark lights fixed, Wood Sculptures, Flower Planting, Facebook Page, Shelter demolished, Flag/flagpole replaced, Nature Trail Refurbished, FreshAir Festivals, Feature LED Lighting, Safety lighting, Branding, History, Pathway Signage, Station Entrance, Schools signs, HoH Art installation, wicker artwork, cycling routes. There are many supporting documents available for further reading on the park improvement project.

Supporting Statement

Central Dunfermline Community Council has agreed to nominate Dunfermline Public Park for the award in recognition of the improvements to the park driven by the Public Park improvement group, its associates and volunteers. In the space of three years the public park has been transformed into a very special and unique greenspace. The group has worked with Fife Council, volunteers, schools, scouts, artists (and more) to deliver the improvements projects. That’s quite an achievement with no funding of their own and no budget to speak of. The improvement project for the park has been hugely significant – it is now an entirely different place. Where you used to run through the park at night, folks now stop to enjoy the lights and take “selfies”. Visitors to the town now know the park exists as they alight from the train, and have an attractive, green route to the town centre. The local school-kids have taken ownership of the woodland, named it “school wood” and its (the woods) visitor count is now circa 70/day, where it used to be none. We have wildflower planting, and spring bulbs in the woodland., as well as some new attractions such as our sculptures. The park now has a unique brand with its own identity and detailed history. The old street names have returned to the park with new signage, and focused on the parks connections to the adjacent station with improvements to the entrance – there actually is a “proper” park there now ! At night, the lighting highlights the bandstand and fountain as features, and the tree lights have been a great success. More people and more lights means the area is a much better and safer place to be, - no more running through the scary wasteland. We feel that the park should soon be considering Green Flag status, and the award would be in recognition of this journey, and the improvement work that has been delivered by everyone involved.