Building owner/client:

Laura Samuel

Architect or lead designer:

Laura Samuel

Local Authority Area:

East Lothian

Nominating Body:


Project Description

Fabrication is an established retail business in Haddington offering fabric and associated sewing and needlework accessories. The new owner wanted to improve the appearance of the business and designed a striking sign incorporating a reel of thread, needles and scissors alongside the name of the shop. The finished display has certainly had the desired result and makes the shop-front stand out from its neighbours while still blending with the traditional ambience of Haddington’s High Street.

Supporting Statement

HADAS would like to nominate this project as it exemplifies the spirit of renewal we want to encourage in the centre of our historic town which in places has become a bit tired and in need of revival. The development was undertaken against a background of a project to regenerate the town centre involving a Vision report commissioned by East Lothian Council, HADAS, Haddington Community Council and Haddington Business Association. A community development trust has been formed to progress the Vision. Haddington has a tradition in this area. In the 1960s our first County Planning Officer, Frank Tindall initiated a great face-lift scheme for the High Street involving repainting of shopfronts in a palette of 'earth colours' and in hanging 'golden shop signs' - some of which still survive. In contrast to this some more recent redecorating schemes have no place in a historic market town and should not be permitted. Fabrication is an excellent example of a creative approach to signage which helps to establish the character of the town centre and draws visitors who are looking for 'something different' which can be supplied by independent retailers.