Kincorth Skate Park


Building owner/client:

Aberdeen City Council

Architect or lead designer:

Concreate Skate Parks

Local Authority Area:


Nominating Body:

Kincorth and Leggart Community Council

Project Description

Following a presentation to our local Community Council from youngsters for skate park facilities in the area it was decided that we should actively raise funds towards this facility. This was taken on board by the present Community Council members following the successful upgrading of one the local play parks in the area. We then went on to raise £55,000 towards the build. We also had expert help in the design from a local skate park Manager to ensure that this was the right design for the right area.

Supporting Statement

We are delighted that the vision of some people has now become a reality. The Community Council also managed to secure the donation of skateboards, BMX bikes and safety equipment for use by local youngsters. The facility is open all year round 24 hours per day and free to use. With the equipment available to all this is an all encompassing park regardless of age/race/sex/physical or mental activities. This is a positive way to bring like minded people together. It also had the added bonus of local children now having their own place to meet and they are no longer hanging out at the local shopping centre and therefore less complaints have been received by the police of nuisance. There are youngsters at this facility before school, during lunch and again after school therefore it is encouraging young people out into the fresh air and away from computer games. We have also heard of people from as far away as Inverness coming to Aberdeen to use our facility which means there is also more business coming into our area.