Peebles Mural


Building owner/client:

Community Council of Royal Burgh of Peebles & District

Architect or lead designer:

Michael Jessing

Local Authority Area:

Scottish Borders

Nominating Body:

Community Council of Royal Burgh of Peebles & District

Project Description

The objective of the Peebles Mural project was to create a mural celebrating the life and times in Peebles from the early inhabitants to the present day and into the near future. It encompasses the history, origins and cultural traditions of Peebles. It is an accessible source of information and education for both locals and visitors. The local community, and in particular young people, contributed their ideas and became involved in the design and production of the mural. Michael Jessing, an international artist living and working in Peebles, lead the production of the mural. The mural is located on a large gable end wall in Pennel’s Close – a public courtyard space off Peebles High Street. The finished mural is a robust permanent feature in the Peebles landscape, enhancing the commercial and artistic activity in the courtyard where it is located and providing a record of the town’s history and heritage.

Supporting Statement

We have nominated the Peebles Mural as it has transformed this public space and provides a permanent record of the history and culture of Peebles, in a way that is accessible for visitors and locals alike. A large proportion of the population of Peebles are relatively recent residents and have very little knowledge or understanding of the history and culture of this Royal Burgh. Interest in the local museum, the "Vision for Peebles" project led by the Community Council and a range of thriving history societies in Peebles demonstrate that there is a desire to learn about the history and culture of Peebles. The mural provides an attractive and accessible resource to improve knowledge about the history and culture of Peebles for both local people and visitors.