Pierhead Play Park, North Queensferry, Fife


Completion Date:


Building owner/client:

Fife Council

Architect or lead designer:

Sutcliffe Play (Scotland) Limited

Local Authority Area:


Nominating Body:

North Queensferry Community Trust

Project Description

Early in 2018, a survey was carried out on the play park equipment and the swings were deemed unsafe and subsequently removed.
With no funding or budget, the play park was falling into neglect, with a strong possibility that further items of equipment would be removed. Ultimately, the park would no longer be attractive and eventually close.
A Community Project Group was formed by local residents who then embarked on the journey to gather support from the community along with ideas and designs from the pupils of the local primary school. The Group met on a regular basis and applied to various financial institutions for funding as well as generating the necessary community funding.
Once approved, the project was managed by Fife Council Parks & Recreation Department with support from the Community Project Group.
On Friday 08 November 2019, the Play Park was officially opened by the Head Girl and Head Boy from the North Queensferry Primary School.

Supporting Statement

The Pierhead Play Park Project encompasses all the acceptance criteria defined in My Place Awards.
This was a community driven project with sufficient support from the local residents to attract major funding from Fife Council and the Fife Environment Trust. Community funding was provided through various avenues such as, the Village Shows, Coffee Mornings, Community Council, BBC Scotland (Molly & Mack), private donations as well as local businesses.
The design was based on a Sketch Book of play park equipment developed by the pupils of North Queensferry Primary School. Because of the location, a nautical theme was encouraged and the materials selected reflected the aggressive coastal environment. The play park was designed to be accessible with sufficient "Green space" where visitors could rest and enjoy the outlook over the River Forth and onward to the iconic bridges beyond.
The project enabled the space to be preserved and enhanced, as the original play park had fallen into disrepair with items of equipment failing safety checks and ultimately being removed.
Additional picnic table and benches were introduced, as well as areas of grass to compliment the safety matting around each item of equipment.
The project was discussed fully with the community and in particular with the residents local to the park. A web site was designed and kept up to date with the latest developments. Plans were posted in the local coffee shop and Community Centre. "Flyers" were issued to the residents local to the development giving them advance notice of the various construction activities. The Contractors Site Establishment was located at the Battery Road Car Park to minimise traffic flow and congestion at the Pierhead and the access road to the play park.
These steps endorse the care and consideration given by the Project Group to the local community and environment.
North Queensferry now has a first class play park located in the heart of the village. Not only a play park, but a beautiful attraction where visitors can rest and admire the fantastic views.