Scenic Sandbank


Completion Date:


Building owner/client:

Sandbank Village

Architect or lead designer:

Sue McKillop

Local Authority Area:

Argyll & Bute

Nominating Body:

Scenic Sandbank

Project Description

We are entering the general My Place Awards in category D. The project was created to improve the environment within Sandbank to this end we created Scenic Sandbank ltd. This company is a community group run by volunteers and recently achieved charitable status. Our group has in excess 60 active volunteers and has a membership of over 20% of the local residents. We have undertaken the restoration of green spaces throughout the village. We have also created an outdoor gym for the benefit of all ages including seniors and disabled people. We have also cleared footpaths of weeds and have reclaimed them to allow easier access for exercise (walking cycling etc) We also planted over 200 native trees and shrubs around the village for the benefit of wildlife.

Supporting Statement

We know our volunteers have worked extremely hard over these past few months and feel that they deserve recognition for all their hard work and time given freely and with goodwill. This is an ongoing project to improve the natural environment around the village.