The Engine Shed


Completion Date:


Building owner/client:

Stirling Civic Trust

Architect or lead designer:

Historic Environment Scotland

Local Authority Area:


Nominating Body:

Stirling Civic Trust

Project Description

The Engine Shed is a joint venture between Historic Environmental Scotland and Stirling Council. to establish, in central Scotland, a location for traditional building conservation and a training centre for the teaching of skills required in the restoration of such buildings and properties. Facilities include a fully equipped training room and an amphitheatre and a display area for materials used in restoration with interpretation notes of interest to those with a general appreciation of construction and maintenance activities. A family-friendly large-scale map of Scotland is accessed for examples of traditional buildings, by interactive digital devices.

The building was formerly a railway building for the repair of engines and rolling stock and two new “sheds” have been added on either side of the original construction.” The architectural and construction requirements were carried out by HES “in house” departments and companies with a proven track record in this type of work.

Classes, courses and talks are held throughout the year, some of which result in formal qualifications in the construction industry.

Supporting Statement

The Stirling Civic Trust committee believe that this project, the first major project in the Stirling area in more than 20 years, is well suited, and timely, to support the City’s “Traditional Building Health Scheme” and the “Regional Deal” which features major developments in and around the city to enhance it’s standing as a leading national attraction with specified improvements in industrial, commercial, artistic and heritage features and a world-wide attraction for tourism.