The Loch Leven Heritage Trail


Building owner/client:

The Rural Access Committee of Kinross-shire (TRACKS)

Architect or lead designer:

Several architects, landscape architects, engineers, sculptors

Local Authority Area:

Perth & Kinross

Nominating Body:

Kinross-shire Civic Trust

Project Description

The Loch Leven Heritage Trail is a 13 mile long cycle/footpath which has been constructed in 4 phases around Loch Leven. The whole process including land acquisition and access agreements has taken 10 years. The Trail runs around Loch Leven through land owned by local landowners, RSPB and SNH. It has 3 bird hides around the loch side, a spectacular viewpoint in the south west corner at the highest point looking north east across the loch to Benarty and the Lomond hills. There are a number of access points and car parks from the main roads as well as a number of eating places. At the weekend a bus rounds around the loch enabling pedestrians to get on and off the bus wherever they want. There are also cafes and other eateries at half a dozed places near to the Trail The phases started from Kinross Pier and ran around the north side of the loch, down the east side and then along the south side to the RSPB Vane Farm. The last phase from Vane Farm round the south and west side back to Kinross was completed last year and the whole Trail finally opened in June 2014. In the year before the completion of the last phase and the final opening, 250,000 visitors used the Trail. It is expected that the number of users on the Trail will now be considerably greater now that pedestrians and cyclists can now pass right round the loch.

Supporting Statement

This Trail has created a wonderful facility for locals and visitors alike. People come from far and wide to use it. It has beautiful walkway through Scottish woods, open country with views of the loch with amazing wild life through the seasons. From the autumn, through winter to the spring there are thousands of geese, swans and many variety of duck. This switches in late spring to swallows, swifts, martins, ospreys and many other migratory birds. It is a photographers paradise. This is a tremendous asset to Kinross-shire and everyone appreciates it immensely.