DEADLINE midnight Friday 22 February 2019


Please read this document carefully.


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In 2019, the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards will recognise projects that have had a positive impact in a local neighbourhood and have delivered regenerative benefits to that community.


The Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards are unique in Scotland in that they are:


  • A national celebration of good local design and conservation projects


  • Nominated by local people. They are not ‘industry’ awards


  • Are supported by the Scottish Government, for the benefit of the communities and places of Scotland



Examples of past winners and nominated projects and people can be found here.



Nominations will be considered for projects that fit into one of the following criteria:


A New buildings

B Historic buildings or monuments that have been reused or refurbished

C Designed public realm schemes such as streetworks, parks, etc.

D Designed landscapes e.g. gardens or public green spaces


Sustainability Award


A new category for 2019, the Sustainability Award will consider community-led buildings and projects which were completed between 10 and 25 years ago (completed in the years 1994-2009) and their continued fitness for purpose, development and community use/benefit.


Members of the public are welcome to nominate projects for this category, alongside the judging panel’s nominations.



The judging panel will be looking for excellence in terms of:


  • Build and design quality: appropriateness, innovation and sustainability
  • Preservation or enhancement of local built environment, old and new


  • Community involvement, benefit and impact


  • Achievements of the project: difficulties faced and challenges overcome





Nominations can be made by volunteer-led community groups including, but not limited to:


  • civic societies and other local groups affiliated to the Scottish Civic Trust
  • community councils or building preservation
  • development trusts
  • other community-based voluntary groups, charities or heritage societies


Nominations can also be made by architects, landscape architects, other designers and organisations, for example; local authorities, building preservation trusts, housing associations etc. They must demonstrate support from the local community-led group which commissioned the project and evidence of positive differences made such as community benefit and placemaking. Any entries being made by a commercial professional service provider or other non-community groups or organisations must be accompanied with a letter of endorsement and support from the relevant commissioning community group, acknowledging that it is aware the entry is being made, and outlining the following:


  • The level of collaboration with the community group, e.g. co-design aspects
  • How successfully the project realised the community vision
  • How the project will be used by the community



  • Only projects / buildings in Scotland will be eligible for the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards.
  • For entries in 2019, projects in Scotland completed between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018 may be entered.
  • For the purposes of the competition, the word ‘project’ includes any structure whether new, restored, rehabilitated, refurbished, converted or conserved or any significant public realm project such as a streetscape works, new or restored parks, etc.



  • The judging panel will be appointed and managed by the Scottish Civic Trust and will include Scottish Civic Trust representatives.
  • Panel members will have knowledge of and interest in Scotland’s buildings, places and spaces.
  • The panel chairperson will be nominated by the Scottish Civic Trust.
  • The judges’ decisions will be final.
  • At the joint discretion of the Scottish Civic Trust and the judging panel, there may be a number of commended entries.
  • In the event of the judges being unable to determine a single winner, it will be left to their discretion to offer a joint award.
  • The judges will publish their citations for the winners and commended entries.

In relation to the sustainability award, the judges anticipate interviewing the winning projects in both the 10 years and 25 year categories. This will form the basis of a case study for wider dissemination.


This information will be available online.



The closing date for all My Place Awards entries is midnight Friday 22 February 2019.


Entries for the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards 2019 must be submitted online unless other arrangements have been agreed prior to the closing date.




In submitting an entry for consideration for the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards, it is assumed by the Scottish Civic Trust that:

  • The nominating body will have agreed entrance to the competition with the building owner, architect/designer, in advance of submitting the application (where appropriate)
  • This includes permission to submit all required information and publication of entry images and information on the awards website and use of same to promote the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards.
  • Information supplied by nominees will only be used for the specific purposes of the Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards.
  • Personal contact information will not be disclosed to other parties.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Scottish Civic Trust on 0141 221 1466 or email